Sunday 24 September 2017

THE REAL BORDER GUARDS: Defending Armenia's Borders


AGBU/Chicago Center 

Photographer Kristin Cass and writer Cristina Cass share their first hand account from the villages defending Armenia's border from Azerbaijan's ongoing terrorist campaign. 

Illustrated talk and photo exhibition. Refreshments following presentation.  Since 2016, lawyer and photographer Kristin Cass and writer Cristina Cass have been traveling to Armenia's Tavush province as part of an ongoing project documenting Armenia's borderlands under fire. They have interviewed and photographed dozens of Armenians affected by the violence of Azerbaijan's terror campaign, including farmers, doctors, priests, social workers and soldiers. Though many politicians and organizations have turned their backs on Tavush, the people living there are doing everything they can to survive, and everyone has a story to tell about their determination to protect the border for all Armenians.

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