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The Real Border Guards

September 24, 2017, 3:00pm

AGBU/Chicago Center 

Photographer Kristin Cass and writer Cristina Cass share their first hand account from the villages defending Armenia’s border from Azerbaijan’s ongoing terrorist campaign. 

Illustrated talk and photo exhibition. Refreshments following presentation.  Since 2016, lawyer and photographer Kristin Cass and writer Cristina Cass have been traveling to Armenia’s Tavush province as part of an ongoing project documenting Armenia’s borderlands under fire. They have interviewed and photographed dozens of Armenians affected by the violence of Azerbaijan’s terror campaign, including farmers, doctors, priests, social workers and soldiers. Though many politicians and organizations have turned their backs on Tavush, the people living there are doing everything they can to survive, and everyone has a story to tell about their determination to protect the border for all Armenians.


Politically Homeless

October 7, 2017, 3:00pm

AGBU/Chicago Center
Yearning to attend college, Mary Terzian leaves her disapproving family in Cairo to take a job with the United Nations in Alexandria. Her work and travels take her around the globe, placing her in a succession of world events, including civil war in the Congo and the Khruschev coup in the USSR. Her universal struggle is told against the backdrop of strict cultural upbringing, political turmoil, and a young woman’s love of education propelling her toward independence.

Reimagining a Lost Armenian Home

October 13, 7:30pm

AGBU/Chicago Center

An illustrated presentation by Prof. Armen T. Marsoobian, Professor of Philosophy, Southern Connecticut State University. Author of the award-winning Fragments of a Lost Homeland: Remembering Armenia and Reimagining a Lost Armenian Home: The Dildilian Photography Collection published this year.

An illustrated talk about the history of the Dildilians, Armen’s prominent family of photographers whose hundreds of surviving photos from Anatolia record a crucial half-century of Armenian culture and have been instrumental in countering the Turkish government’s Genocide denial. For nearly a century, members of the family practiced the art of photography in Ottoman Turkey, Greece and the United States, with the earliest dating from 1888, when Tsolag Dildilian opened a studio in central Anatolia, first in Sepastia and later in Marsovan and Samsun.
Major photo exhibitions were mounted in Istanbul, Merzifon, Diyarbakir and Ankara. His books have been translated into Turkish and his work has garnered significant media attention.



Society for Orphaned Armenian Relief (SOAR) Chicago hosts an Armenian Antique Road Show

October 14 Check in at 1:30

Please RSVP by October 7

Homeland Melodies

October 22, 3:00pm

AGBU/Chicago Center

Cellist Kate Kayaian is known for her artistry, passion for collaboration, and advocacy of new music. She performs around the world, has worked with renowned conductors, and directs chamber music for the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra.
An alumna of New England Conservatory and the Music Institute of Chicago, Kate returns to her native Chicago to perform a special recital of Armenian melodies. She is the daughter of Mary and the late Mourad Kayaian.


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